Thank you!

Support our Community

If you do find value in our community, we have a totally optional annual membership fee to support the moderation of this group and our local outreach projects.

Where does the money go?
Bloom’s finances are published on our website so you can always see where your money goes. Now that our space is closed, our operating costs are minimal but we do have to pay for this website and a few other small fees.

In addition, we have a list of community projects that we support. Any money we collect above and beyond will be put towards these initiatives:

How much should you contribute?
Most people consider an annual membership fee between $5 and $50. Break it down to a monthly or weekly basis and see what works for you:

$5.00 $50.00 annual fee
$0.42 $4.17 cost per month
$0.10 $0.14 cost per week

We appreciate any support you can offer!

Optional Annual Membership Fee